Saturday, July 15, 2006

109 of 210 : Pat #1

He’s known as the Nathan Lane of Central Illinois. His dinner theatre costumes are often rather loud. “I know that spam generators string together random phrases to slip past filters,” he writes, “but this email I received is just insulting!” Thank you for your interest in circus clothes, it began.


At Saturday, July 15, 2006 7:57:00 AM, Blogger fbh said...


At Saturday, July 15, 2006 2:30:00 PM, Blogger Indigo Bunting said...

I'm going to the circus on Tuesday, I think. The same one I went to last year, at which I rode an elephant.

At Saturday, July 15, 2006 4:16:00 PM, Blogger Sewa Yoleme said...

Ooh, how exciting! Be sure someone takes pictures of you!


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